My name is Ravin Kumar. I specialize in using data and statistics to influence organizations, currently at sweetgreen and previously at SpaceX and other organizations. My opinions are my own and not of any organization.

Open source work

I'm a big advocate of open source. Open source allows anyone access to knowledge, not just those who can pay for expensive license fees or college educations. Open Source is also free speech, allowing folks to share ideas across the world. If you've been curious about open source feel free to reach out, I'm happy to chat about it.

My history

My primary occupational focus has been on improving processes for organizations, I currently use data methods to figure out what's going on and then develop programs or applications to to help the organization improve. For examples check out my LinkedIn

In the past I've served in more traditional industrial/manufacturing engineering roles, using techniques such as tolerance analysis and Lean/Six Sigma methods to improve manufacturing effectiveness.

Moving forward I'm looking to increasingly learn how to leverage data science and computational methods to understand and improve things of all types. It really is fun!